Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

About Us…

So here are some things to know…

This lovely creature is Missy Pie, whose nickname suddenly sprang from her husband’s lips one day and he has been calling her that ever since… Missy Pie is married to…

this deliciousness, Mr. Sir, whose wife used to answer him by jokingly saying “yes sir” or “no sir” while making up stupid nicknames like Mr. Silly Pants McGee. Somehow the two absurdities morphed into a name which has developed its own persona on such social networks as Facebook and Twitter and has crossed over into real life now that friends send us cards addressed to Mr. Sir.

Shortly after moving in together, before we were even engaged,  Missy Pie and Mr. Sir adopted…

this big guy, Mr. Pumpkin Kitty (formerly known at the shelter simply as Pumpkin). We strongly believed that he was not only a Pumpkin but a Mr. and a Kitty, so there you have it…

Almost 3 years ago, we created this little lady that we refer to as Snug…because, well, she’s such a Snug!

Snug 2 1/2 years




















A few months ago, we welcomed Ity into the world. We all fell head over heels in love with her. Look at the face…. How could you NOT fall in love (swoon)?


but Snug has especially fallen under her baby sister’s spell and the feeling is mutual!


Currently, our lovely little family is temporarily living in 2 cities due to some unforeseen circumstances. It was the worst and best thing that could have happened to our family. The ladies are spending some quality time with Lil Mama, Tia Clara and all our dear friends and family in our hometown, while Mr. Sir is working hard on the east coast and commuting back and forth when possible. So it sucks not to have Mr. Sir every day but we are safe, sound, and healthy. Also a little worse for the wear but living and growing and exploring…


So you are going to need to just go ahead and follow us. We will not disappoint. We are practically our own sitcom. I foresee wild amounts of blogosphere sponsorship and then television syndication in our near future. Be an early adopter!


Uh-Oh! You are going to be totally hooked on us…


6 thoughts on “About Us…

  1. Alison Redelheim on said:

    What a wonderful idea!! Can’t wait to get lost in your family’s silliness!!

  2. Can’t wait to get hooked!!

  3. too cute!! Can’t wait to read all about your adventures

  4. Get to the writing so I can get to the laughing!

  5. Ummmm already hooked!? haha

  6. Nitza Santiago on said:

    This is awesome!! How come I did not know about this website of yours? I want to eat Miss Snug!!! She is a cutie!!

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