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A Mr. Sir Post:

It’s been quite a while since Missy Pie and myself have posted here, and there’s a reason for that (isn’t there always)? For the readers that know us, you know how a catastrophic failure the past two years have been to us. A ton of you have graciously helped us in one way or the other, and we never really got the chance to thank you…

During the past two years, I have stopped pursuing my photography interest for many reasons; a little out of laziness, some from lack of current accessibility (read as safety), but mostly because of giving in to inner demons. I have been feeling guilty, lonely, angry, bitter, all the bad ones off and on for the past few months. Of course, some happy, but not nearly as much in our current situation. I miss Missy Pie, Snug, and Ity incredibly when they’re not around, and I probably don’t vocalize that enough, because I’m an introvert like that. In the time in between visits, I need more happy in my psyche, so I don’t become too guilty, lonely, angry, bitter and/or all of the above. Hence, One Positive Pic A Day.

On the topic of giving thanks, a great big THANK YOU to each and every one of you who supported our struggle; there is no tangible way of saying thank you, except one that I can think of. #onepositivepicaday. If you know me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen random photos posted on my feed with this tag (#onepositivepicaday), with no other description. If I’m lucky, you’ve probably grown tired of my new experiment and unfriended and/or blocked me already. No hard feelings, that just means that this isn’t for you, and that’s ok!

Seeing that so many of you helped my family through one of the most difficult time of our life, I think you expect the result to be a happy family. You do not want a sourpuss like Ebenezer Scrooge on your friends list!


Think Happy Thoughts!

As such, it is important to think happy thoughts. Again, I introduce #onepositivepicaday. This is a way to force myself to i) think positive, happy thoughts, and ii) get back into photography. On my Facebook feed (as well as Twitter and Instagram), I will post #onepositivepicaday, again with no descriptions. However, I will create new posts here on Missy Pie and Mr. Sir, with a few of these pics (per post) with a short description of what I must have been thinking. This way, I can try to jumpstart my short-circuited mind, and keep in the forefront what is most important to me (Hint: It’s my family!). Along with current photos, I’ll have past ones mixed in, on days when I wasn’t able to capture a happy thought but still need to post something positive. Stay tuned, and here is a teaser of #onepositivepicaday!

Mr. Sir


Valentines Day 2014

Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2014 with my best everything, the lovely Missy Pie! I can’t remember where we went, but we always have a blast wherever we go! More to come! #onepositivepicaday


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