Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

Message To Our 1 Year Old

A Mr. Sir post…

Sweet Elena,

It still feels like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital; one year later, you still make both Mama and Papa light up.

I always knew I wanted to be not just a father, but a dad. And not just a dad, but YOUR dad, your Papa. I think Mama will agree with me when I say that you are the best thing that has happened to us since sliced bread (ok, since anything, really)!

Have I ever told you how I met your Mama? No? Well, Papa was all alone for a long time; around many people, but still alone. And one evening, I met your Mama at a party, and we have been together since (yes, this is the abridged version of this story!). I didn’t happen at once, I admit, as Papa had to be cautious, but one day, I knew Mama was the one. The one that I wanted to be with through it all, and to have a family together. We often spoke of you, although none of us had met you yet; we knew, though, that you were real.

Then I had a dream, and although fuzzy, it was you that I saw, in giant diapers. When I told your Mama, I saw her smile, because I think she knew that I wanted to be a Papa, just as much as she wanted to be your Mama.

As we have watched you grow, it’s amazing how much of ourselves we see (or think we see) in you. You opened your eyes, you drank milk, rolled over back and forth, and sat up. You’ve had big girl food, you’ve stood, and you’ve walked. As you get older, it never ceases to amaze me how you absorb everything around you, and how you interact with everything and everyone around you on your terms. Our goal for you is to raise you as a fully independent individual, with empathy, love, and understanding for your fellow-man (yes, even the silly ones)! If by your waking years you have learned this, Mama and Papa can rest easy knowing that we’ve done a good job.

We look forward to going on this journey with you, BooBoo, forever forward, for always with love!

Your Mama and Papa!

Dimples to spare! You light up our lives, sweety!

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