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Snug will be 1 in just over a month and I am doing a lot of reflecting on this crazy amazing year that has flashed by in an instant. One thing that Mr. Sir and I have made sure to do is capture thousands of Snug moments on both our big, fancy Canon cameras, our iPhones and our Mac computers. (Here’s the part where I should tell you the type of big Canon and the lenses and all that technical photography speak that I don’t know anything about. All I can tell you is that Mr. Sir had a big, fancy Canon for a couple of years and then he bought a bigger, fancier one and gave me the “old” big, fancy one which I don’t have any idea how to work yet can still take pretty awesome pictures if I do say so myself…)

Sleepy Snug

I have all these amazing pictures on my computer, phone, Facebook, Instagram, this blog but none in my house… As Snug approaches a year on this earth, I need to fill my physical world with her. She’s gorgeous, brilliant, snuggly, and fills our home with delight, giggles and unabashed love. The memories of our first year in her glorious presence need to adorn our walls, our table tops, our scrapbooks, our refrigerator, our counters, and all our nooks and crannies. Of course I have a stack of prints I made a Walgreens but then I have to figure what to do with them and find frames which is such a commitment…

Here are a couple of fabulous websites that are going to help me create the over the top Snug filled atmosphere that we are craving in our home without all the stress…

  • ixxi – Custom collage wall art. Just click on the link, watch the youtube video on the main page and explore. It is delicious! (I’m going to start a tradition and every year for Snug’s birthday do a collage of my favorite Snug pics from the previous year!)
  • Printstagram – Some of the best pictures I take are on my iPhone and then “Instagrammed.” If you aren’t familiar with the app then get on it immediately. Then go online to Printstagram and print directly from your instagram account. Yes, Please. (Printing stickers of Snug to add to her birthday invitations and thank yous afterward. Then I can use them to add to correspondence cards throughout the year!)
  • CanvasPop – Take any photo and print to canvas. They also print Instagram photos. Hooray! Huge price range and lots of sizes!! Can not wait to get some big prints up on our walls! (Going to do two big canvas prints of my favorite Snug with Mama and Snug with Papa pics below to hang over the living room sofa. Also going to have the wedding photo of Mr. Sir and me above put on canvas. We have never had one made. Ridiculous!)

Mama with Snug

Papa with Snug

I know there are thousands of DIY ideas out there that are way cheaper but as a working mama who loves to entertain, cook, spend time with family and friends, read, pretend to clean my house, try to keep up with this blog, pin DIY ideas onto pinterest… there’s just not time in my world to actually DO any DIY projects.  If you want more DIY photography ideas check out my pinterest page! Do you have a website that you use to create fabulous real life prints of your favorite photos?

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