Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

Dear Mr. Sir…

A Missy Pie post…

Dear Mr. Sir,

As I lie here beside you in my sad state (herniated disc + insomnia = sad state), I can’t imagine being anywhere else in this world. Snug is sound asleep in her nursery, the glow of the video monitor a soothing way to be near her from afar. Mr. Pumpkin Kitty is curled up at our feet. You are sound asleep after working late into the night on this your soon to be ending journey toward the “pinnacle.” (PhD in Astrophysics WoopWoop)

As with all long, arduous journeys, you are weary for the wear and rightly so. You are beyond burnt out and second guessing why you have dedicated so much of your life’s journey to this pursuit. You are anxious about the future and where we go from here and frankly so am I. But here’s the lovely thing that we both overlook sometimes when we are mired down in our daily doldrums; we are young, heart ache to heart ache we stand, no promises, no demands, love is a battlefield… Wait… (Pat Benatar just creeped into my soul and started writing… These things happen in the pre-dawn hours…) But seriously, Pat knows what she’s talking about, anything worth doing is a battle and what you are doing is a wondrous thing that very few humans are willing to even begin to imagine to dedicate themselves to. Love of the beauty in the sky on a mountain in Chile set you on this journey where you stumbled into love with a girl on a back porch out in the country under that beloved sky of yours. As lost as you have gotten in the science that sets the course for all the beauty up there, you and I created the brightest star to have ever shined on earth, who gives off an internal light that is brighter than all the stars in Orion’s belt.

And all that love for that star filled sky, for me and that celestial Snug, is what is going to pull you through these final weeks…yes mere weeks!!! Compared to 8 years, these next 8 weeks will be the hardest you have ever endured. They will test you, and already are, in so many ways but you have to, in the words of Casey Kasem, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!!” (Soni just said that take it home with ya…) Wow, but damn it, how many times in life can that motto be used in its most literal sense? (Italicized comment after Casey Kasem quote courtesy of Stewie from Family Guy…)

So, Mr. Sir, let’s both put the worry aside and have faith in those heavens that brought us together. Just do this damn thing. Make that PhD your bitch so you can sit on the back porch with your super lens telescope camera and your loves here in earth and gaze up at the sky that you love, in wonder, without regret, knowing that you received the highest academic accolade the human world can bestow on a man’s curiosity about the universe around him.

I love you to the farthest stars and back which as you know, mathematically, is just a lot of love. Mwhaaaaaaaaa!

Missy Pie


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