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Afternoon in the Park with Snug

A Missy Pie Post…

Today completes the Spring Break that I have been living for since the semester started on January 5. This has been an extremely difficult school year adjusting to motherhood and the 4th position within my public school system in the 4 years I’ve been working for the system… (No wonder public education is going down in flames because I’m a damn good teacher who is burned out…) 

Anyway, I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about this year and the fact that we have had 1 frigging snow day and a way too late Spring Break… 3 months with no break from children and summer weather since February is a dangerous mix. Soooo back to my original statement that I was so ready for this lovely week off to do snuggly spring things with my Snug! Here is a list of things that I was planning!

  • Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! How about you, you, you…. Okay, Okay you get it…
  • Mo Willems was in town reading and autographing his new book The Duckling Gets a Cookie
  • Going on long spring walks!
  • Picnics in the park…
  • Preparing for Snug’s first Easter!
  • General lazing about the house playing games and listening to festive music and going through all the farm animals in the world and making their sounds together!

Sadly, last Friday morning, I leaned over to pick something off the floor and “slipped a disc” as they say. (To be medically correct ~ “herniated a disc”) It was painful (worse than my 30 hours of labor where at least I got 5 to 8 minutes of relief every cycle) and deeply depressing  (couldn’t hold Snug for 4 whole days)and I was stuck in bed unable to move most of the week. Today, with the help of an Olympic career ending amount of steroids, was the first day that I felt like getting out of the house and we go back to the grind Monday. 🙂 Best laid plans blah, blah, blah…

The silver lining to this is that the night before the “ole back” went out, (the big 35 is fast approaching and I’m falling apart!) Mr. Sir, Snug and I picked up Tia Clara from work and headed to Centennial Park for an impromptu picnic! At the time, it was simply a preview to the lovely week to come. Now it’s all I have to hold on to, as my immediate future consists of:

  • Not being able to pick up my Snug until further notice… she can be passed to me to hold briefly though which usually comes with kisses and happy screeching!
  • A potentially long physical therapy process or surgery…
  • TCAP state standardized testing that everyone is terrified of except me who’s moving to a different state and who thinks they are a load of crap…
  • 7 or so weeks of school with projected highs in the mid 70s and 80s = antsy kids and teachers ready for summer.
  • On a happy note, planning for Snug’s 1st birthday bash! (The light at the end of the tunnel!)

So here’s a little photo journal of our time together pre-EOD back injuries! When we were young and spry and healthy… Some highlights… Snug hated the grass. She kept going to the edge of the blanket feeling it and then pulling back disgusted. At one point her foot grazed some just off the blanket and she pulled back as if she was being burned. Ha! Great way to reign her in for now… Also, the light was perfect that evening! Finally, 3 squirrels got very personal with us and our food. We had to get up chase them away. Tia Clara HATES squirrels. (Long story consisting of a face off in her kitchen that she probably needs therapy to deal with.) Enjoy!

Tia Clara, I LOVE your jewelry! Can I just go ahead and rip all these off your neck right now? No? Pshaw!

Oh Tia Clara! I love you so much! I'm going to distract you with this sweet slobbery kiss and rip off your jewelry since you said I couldn't have them...

I do not like green grass. I do not like it so I will pass. I do not like its prickly feel. I do not like it, y'all, for real...

Inside, Outside USA...

I thought I told you that I will not leave this blanket... That green mess you call grass is horrendous. Keep it away from me. Not interested.

They call me Gappy, Gappy McGee. This here is my side kick, Red, Red Bear... We drove in with Crazy, Crazy Mama... We do not play.

I'm standing my ground but I will not walk... Especially off this blanket into that sea of green. Yuck. Get it away from me.

Hey down there! You should really get off the grass. It's retched. Don't say I didn't warn you...

I don't want to play with the block right now, Papa! I'm preparing for an Athenian photo with the parthenon in the back. Finding my center...

Whoa! I was not ready! You caught me by complete surprise. You were taking a picture of me? How sweet. Let's try it again!

And Scene!

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One thought on “Afternoon in the Park with Snug

  1. Lynn Poehl on said:

    This is the stuff precious memorries are made of!

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