Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

In your 10th month…

A Missy Pie and Mr. Sir post…

February 15 to March 15, 2012

First let me just say that I can not believe you have completed 9 months on this earth. As spring fast approaches, we have been reminiscing about this time last year when we were preparing for your arrival and now our days are filled with non stop giggles, kisses, hugs, and an array of vocalizations to put any 24/7 news channel to shame!

So here’s what you have been getting into this month!

You are a regular social butterfly! You wave to everyone you meet and if you could you would kiss them all too! No shyness here. All the “experts” say you should be entering that phase of only wanting Mama and Papa or just one of us more than the other. Well that is just not happening here! You will go to anyone, any time for as long as they’ll put up with you. The other night we went to a birthday part for your Pseudo-Aunt Stacey and you were immediately whisked out of our arms (because you leaned out and held out your hands to the first smiling face you saw) and never looked back. When you caught a glimpse of Papa or Mama, you simply smiled and laughed as if to say. “Aren’t ya’ll having the best time. This party is AWESOME!”

Out and About...

As for the waving, Nanny has been teaching you a “come back” wave with your hand motioning to, well, come back… You have mastered that and made it heartbreaking to ever leave you! By the way, we creatively call it “The Nanny Wave.”

Oh, and the kisses and hugs! I thought I was going to die when you started giving kisses upon request but now the kisses are given freely and often. They are perfectly sloppy, open mouthed and delicious. (JSYK – I’m trying to make delicious one of your first words…) Now you give these snuggly hugs too! We have to ask for them but when you give them they are sweet, strong and filled with adoration! We love the Snug hug!

A Snug Kiss to Señor Cocodrilo!

You are already an avid reader! You take each book that you read and look at the front and back covers and then you help Mama and Papa turn the pages. We are sticking to board books because you tend to turn the pages pretty hard and we don’t want you to rip all your big girl books! But we have tons of books for you to read and you make yourself quite comfortable and get down to business. You don’t even really need us. In fact, you have started tracking the print with your fingers. You will certainly be your Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher’s dream pupil! (You’re Welcome, future teachers of Snug!) Oh, and you are still kissing all the characters as you read! Favorite books right now are Humphrey’s ABCs,  Spot Goes to the Library and Interrupting Chicken.  You also love to the play Pattie Cake with your Curious George puppet in a book! Check out the video below the picture for some kissing characters action!

Snug loves a good book!

You love those guys…

So you have started cruising in your 10th month! You are moving and shaking! You have mastered the side step like a pro-football player training for the Super Bowl! As with all cruising, there comes a time when you let go and stand on your own! You are very proud of those moments as they are getting longer as you get stronger! In your excitement and pride, you tend to clap for yourself which makes you lose your balance… “Yay!” is a very big deal and you have learned quickly to associate it with clapping! So whenever you hear anyone say, “Yay!” you smile and give a round of applause. It is phenomenal to see you make these connections! Such a smart snuglet!


You are still Miss Dancy Pants! You are still dancing to everything! We finally caught the changing table dance on video. You are hysterical. You should have your own sitcom but I don’t want you to become a drug addict by age 12 so you can just entertain us! 🙂

Dance It Out

You are communicating with us a lot now. You open and close your month in an eating motion when you are hungry. You have taken to sucking your thumb on your right hand and holding your left ear with your left hand. It’s a sign that you are hungry, sleepy or that you just need a change. You get to sleep doing this too so we know it comforts you! Your mama sucked her thumb far longer than she would care to admit to the public and never needed braces so we are totally ok with you doing it for as long as you need to! Beats carrying around a blanket or toy that could get lost… And finally, you have started making verbal connections! When we ask you, “where’s the lamb?” that lives on your bookshelf, you respond with “Baaaa Baaaa!” This was only after we had been telling you that the lamb says, “Baaaa,” for a few days. You smarty pants! Can not wait for what’s in store for us in your 11th month!

Such a Snug!

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