Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

In your 9th month…

A Missy Pie and Mr. Sir post…

January 15 to February 15, 2012

Oh my goodness! We can not believe the amazing things that you are doing now! This is the month that you have blossomed into this smart and funny little being bursting with personality! Now you have been blowing us away with your brilliance and charisma since you were born but there’s something extra now. Maybe it’s that now you know how to work it…

Working it...

Let’s get down to business first. Here are some important milestones that you flew past on your road to grownup hood. (aka the 1 year mark)

  • You have been practicing your standing (hands free!) for a few seconds at a time.
  • You are fully eating solids now! We just make sure that they are in tiny pieces but you can “gum chew” like a machine!
  • You are getting so big that that baby car seat was cramping your style so we moved you to your “Big Girl” convertible car seats, one in Mama’s car and one in Papa’s, and you love being near the window now and looking out at all the sights passing by.
  • You had your first full fledged sicky time. Mama and Papa did not like it one bit. Your fever spiked to 103.5 and you had a yucky cold with coughing, runny nose and sneezing. Best part is that you passed it to Mama and Papa who felt like ass once you were feeling better. Papa got the fever and was better in about a minute but you really slathered the love sickiness on Mama whose cold turned into a sinus infection. Your cough lasted for 3 weeks and I hated every minute but you were a such a champ through it all!

I got the sickies. Mama feels good to snug into.

As for bath time, you are out of your lounger after you get all cleaned up, playing with your ducky and “la estrella es un fuente” toy (because it is a flashing star spouting water everywhere)! Plus now you actually splish splash when we sing it!

Your favorite book is Learn with Humphrey ~ ABC ! You love it when we have to look for Lottie in the flowers. “Where’s Lottie? There she is!” keeps you enthralled for minutes on end 😉 You love Humphrey and Lottie, who are little elephants, and you started kissing them this month whenever we read the story. This was just the beginning. You kiss all characters in all of your books since then. It is awesome. You love all those guys so much!

I love Humphrey and Lottie!!

You know who else you love? That cute little thing in the mirror! You started waving in your ninth month but the tricky thing is that you only wave to yourself! I love how much you love that little lady looking back at you!

Speaking of love, you are now kissing everyone who asks for one. It’s still open mouthed with a little lolling tongue action, eyes darting up the the side, and it’s the most delicious thing I have ever experienced.

Give your Mama a kiss!

High fives all around! You give them, receive them, understand the coolness of them and you are extremely proud of yourself when you perfectly execute one! High five for giving awesome high fives! (Kadush… as Papa says!)


It will shock you to know that you are desperate to start talking. (Can’t imagine who you get that from…) So you make every effort to mimic everything you hear from us! You are making all sorts of noises and experimenting with all these new teeth coming in. Here are some sounds that you love making!

  • Since Papa speaks to you in Spanish, you love trying to roll your Rs. You think it’s very funny!
  • Still doing raspberries but now you do them right along with us or initiate the raspberry game yourself!
  • Single letter sounds are becoming prominent now. Ds, Bs, and Ls are your favorites.

Whistle while you work...

And finally, the dancing. Oh, the dancing. I mean you danced a bit before this month but it’s as if that rhythm sneaked into your soul one night and got you just like Gloria Estefan warned… It’s not just music that gets you, it’s any beat that you can move to. The Target cart has a weird wheel and it clunks along as we roll and you start dancing to it. The train goes by and you bob your head to the sound of the cars moving along the tracks. The washer and dryer set you into a dancing frenzy! You love any music with rhythm but especial soul, funk and… Justin Timberlake. But the best part is the music that you must just hear in your head. Whenever we lay you down to change your diaper, you push out your belly, pop your shoulders and bop your head back and forth on the table while puckering up your lips to this invisible rhythm. It’s hysterical and brilliant. Bravo, Miss Dancy Pants!

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