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Sweet Moments


A Missy Pie post…

Even though there is nothing better than having my Mr. Sir and my Snug with me adventuring or just lazing around la casa, I relish the Mama and Snuggy moments where it’s just the two us. Some of my favorites are:

  • Napping together ~ I pretend to be asleep with her wrapped tightly in my arms. She squirms, pulls my hair, gives me wet slobbery kisses all over my face, pulls my hair some more, laughs and talks to herself, laughs and talks to Mr. Pumpkin Kitty as he passes over the bed on his way to an important lounging appointment, rubs eyes, sticks thumb in mouth, plays with her ear, nestles in close to that perfect snugged-in comfy spot, and then she’s out…

Mama and Snug taking a nippy nap!

  • Dinner ~ After a long day and a usually long drive home, Snug and I have dinner in the kitchen,  with some music to sing to in the background. It is a lovely way to start our evening together. Papa usually cleans or cooks while I feed her but occasionally it’s just the two of us, me in my “old MamaLina dining chair” and her in a “super modern, sleek high chair”, and we share lots of sweet laughs and secrets and plenty of grooving to the music…
  • Car rides ~ Now that it is warm, we roll the windows down and turn up the music,  letting the wind blow our hair crazy and singing at the top of our lungs! I sing and Snug “sings.” Though outsiders may thinking she’s screaming but mama knows better! (Opera school graduate 2035…)
  • Story time ~ Snug and I love to read stories together. She likes to look at the front cover, then turn it over to see the back cover, all of which I name and point to (Mama is ever the elementary school teacher! Our little Snuggly scholar will recognize the parts of a book before she can say them…). She likes to turn the pages and makes sure to kiss all the characters on each page. She loves every one of those guys…

Snug and mama sharing a sweet story!

  • Mirror, Mirror ~ Every morning, we get up and spend a moment visitingthis delightful friend in our entry way mirror. Snug smiles immediately when she sees her and gives a good morning shriek. Next comes the big smooch and sometimes she gives a double high five. Snug then grins at me through the mirror like this is the best moment of her day. You know what? I think it may be one of my best moments too, Snug.
  • Goodnight, Baaaaa ~ We have a lamb who lives on the nursery bookshelf. He has a little tear so I can’t let Snug play with him until he’s all sowed up which, let’s be honest, is not at the top of my “To do” list… So every night we get him down and tell him good night. I always say, “This is a lamb and he says baaaaa.” In the past week or so, Snug calls out “baaaaa, baaaaa” before we even get to him. Then she snuggles into his soft downiness and smothers him with her slobbery kisses. Seriously, we don’t call her snug for nothing… This bedtime ritual continues with owl, bunny, seal and crocodile (without the baaaa ~ we’re still working on whooo, sniffing nose, whatever a seal sounds like, and a snapping growl…)

Oh Señor Cocodrilo, you are so funny! I love you so much!

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One thought on “Sweet Moments

  1. Nancy on said:

    Love it. This would make a great children’s book. Just Snug

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