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Baby Food Diary – Chapter 3

A Mr. Sir Post

Back again with more eats for the Lady Cakes. Goodness, she is eating even more, and so much more quickly; I think she’s taking to all the wonderful tastes in the foods we cook for her! This is absolutely exciting for us, as the “sour” faces that she makes start to diminish, and the speed at which she adapts to each new food increases. I can’t wait for when she actually starts to cook!

Again, I cannot apologize enough for not being specific in the preparations of these meals; were following from the published work of Tyler Florence, and I would hate to step on any toes while sharing our experiences with you.

The instrument of baby food cultivation!

Before posting the next few meals, it occurred to me that I haven’t included a picture of the puree instrument of choice (really, the only one we have). Some of you might be peculiar like that in wanting to see the actual blender; hey, if that’s your thing, here it is! Great for making piña coladas, coquitos, and baby food; no food discrimination here!

Well, on to the recurring and new foods that we’ve made for our little one! And yes, we did this all in one night; the first two meals really don’t require that much to prepare and cook.

Roasted Apples and Cinnamon (Source: Start Fresh)

Ingredients, Baked, Blended, and Spooned

This is a sure-fire dessert for our little one; she loved this meal from day one, and it is so easy to prepare. Simply core, bake, and blend. That’s it! I’ll swear that this applesauce is better than Mott’s, and lots cheaper. We started this one with Granny Smith apples, but we found that it was too acidic including the dash of lemon juice that is added. You can use any variety; Sonya, Gala, and Breaburn are some of the ones we’ve tried. The Gala are so far my favourite. If you do this one regularly like we do, you’ll find your favourite too.

Summer Squash, Yukon Gold Potato, and Parmesan (Source: Start Fresh)

Ingredients, Chopped and Oiled, Blended, and Spooned

A new recipe, but mostly the same ingredients we’ve used before. Another easy one; simply chop all ingredients, drizzle with EVOO, and stick in the oven. Then, you got it, blend it up into a puree. For this one, I tried not to blend too long, so as to have a little texture; even though she has no molars yet, the little one needs to know that food can be enjoyed without being the consistency of very thick soup! Lady Cakes couldn’t get enough of this one tonight; she had about 2.5 oz in one go!

Chicken and Kale Risotto with Pine Nuts and Bacon (Source: Start Fresh)

Seasoned, Baked, and Cooked!

This last meal was really meant to be for Missy Pie, and myself, with the intent to chop small quantities for Lady Cakes as we go through the week. The little one hasn’t tasted it yet, but both Missy Pie and myself love this one already. This will be her introduction (the little one, that is) to food with more texture. It is a little more involved than the previous two meals, but well worth it! More baking, of course, then coarsely chopped in a food processor. Fold in with rice, and you’re done!

That’s it for this chapter! If you like any of these or the previous meals, give us a like! And be sure to tell us some of your favourites in the comments! ¡Hasta luego!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Food Diary – Chapter 3

  1. reminds me of the blender you bought me for a wedding gift 🙂

    your little sweetie is a lucky lady to have a mom and dad make all these yummy foods for her

    • rastommy on said:

      Thank you Leslie! Never thought this blender would come in this handy! We thought about getting a baby bullet at some point, but this works out just fine…

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