Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

Did you know about the love?

A Missy Pie Post…

Now, not to brag, but our house is pretty filled to the rim with the love. Mr. Sir and I are that disgusting couple who send lovey texts to each other randomly throughout the day and get real excited when it’s the end of the day to see one another. We say stuff like, ” Did you know about the love before we met?” to which the response is usually, “No but now I know and it’s a lot..” or “Missy Pie, I love you honey bunches of oats!” to which I reply, “Oh Mr. Sir, I love you honey nut cheerios!” Are you throwing up yet? Well it’s over the top and we love it because, damn it, we’ve both had some shit ass unloving moments in our lives and we are thankful everyday to have found each other so we show it every chance we get. We know all too well that it can be ripped away from us without warning. So in the words of a creepy Russian man with a tiny giraffe, we “jump in it!”


Oh Lord, and then along comes this little Snug and the love is just overwhelming for both of us. So with all the gushing exploding love that fills us up and overflows daily, what the hell do you do on a love fest such as Valentine’s Day?

In days of yore, Mr. Sir and I used Valentine’s Day to share in our common love of cooking. We would find a complicated dish we had been wanting to try and spend the evening cooking, drinking wine and sampling the deliciousness!

fried mozzarella ~ Valentine's 2010

Paella ~ Valentine's 2010

That tradition was put on hold when last year. Mr. Sir had to go up on a mountain in New Mexico on a three week research trip to work on a big telescope. Cool gig. Sad timing. I was way pregnant though and happy to lay in bed, Skype, and eat chocolate all night. He did send some pretty beautiful flowers and I sent him some peanut brittle. It was love afar!

Mr. Sir flowers Valentine's 2011

This year we had a feeling that we would be too burnt to make a big experimental meal in the middle of the week. Life with Snuglet makes for busy evenings with no huge amount of time in sight. So we tweaked our plans…..

The Sunday afternoon before Valentine’s, Mr. Sir and I took Snug down to Lil Mama’s so that we could go adventuring. I had made a list of dates I would like to take and one of them was to go to the shooting range! Mr. Sir and his best friend had gone recently and I wanted to try my hand so to speak… Nothing says Valentine’s like going down into the basement of a shop called “Guns and Leather.” **Best Date Ever!!!**

Don't mess with this Sweetheart

Lucky shot in the center of the forehead or just good?

On the actual day, Mr. Sir secretly delivered the best Valentine’s ever; a box of chocolates where the box is also chocolate! Seriously, the box may have been more delicious than the decadent little truffles inside! Perfection.

chocolate love

As for that Little Lady, We got her a Valentine’s bear from the same plush toy line as her Crocodile. She immediately kissed that guy. She loves him. Every time she sees him, it’s like reuniting with a long, lost friend. Oh, she’s such a snug!

Hey! I know we just met but I think I'm going to "jump in it!" Mwhaaaaaaa!

I hope every day is filled with the same kind of love that fills our home 365 days of the year. Nothing wrong with a sweet day set aside to acknowledge all that love! Cheers!

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One thought on “Did you know about the love?

  1. OMG…you used to make fun of Dennis and I and now look at you and Mr. Sir 🙂

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