Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

Baby Food Diary – Chapter 1

A Mr. Sir Post…

So, early on in Missy Pie’s pregnancy with Lady Cakes, we decided that we wanted to make baby food for our little one. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but both Missy Pie and I love to cook, and what better way than to cook for the baby!

This concept got kicked into high gear when Tia Clara got me Tyler Florence’s Start Fresh (do a Google search, you’ll find it!) for father’s day (thank you Tia Clara, you have no idea how much of a joy it’s been to cook from this book!), and we haven’t turned back since. My biggest concern when feeding baby is the preservatives. Now, as a grown up, I can decide to get these processed foods (Lord knows I do it every day), but baby has no say in the matter. We might not be able to get all the other crap out there out of our food for now (steroids, aspirin, fluoride, you know, all that harmful stuff), but a home-cooked meal is as good as any!

As we try new stuff for our Snug Bug, I’ll post pics and a few words (no recipes, at least not from published books. Don’t want to get sued, now!) about them and let you know what we think! Most (if not all) of these meals can be enjoyed by the adults preparing them as well; heck, they’re better than what you can get at a grocery store, I can guarantee that! And no, you don’t get anything if you don’t agree with me!

Banana, Pineapple, and Avocado Pudding (Source: Start Fresh)

Chopped ingredients



The directions for this meal adamantly state “Serve immediately.” I would recommend the same, as the avocado, once exposed to air, will begin to brown. What results is a brown and green mash after 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

With that said, the little one loved it immediately! I’ll make this one again soon, but much less of it because of the reasons stated above. Could be fixed as a smoothie for adults; I dislike yogurt, so this won’t do for me!

Carrot, Mango, and Apple Puree (Source: Start Fresh)

Chopped ingredients



Prepared differently from the previous meal, these ingredients need to be roasted in the oven. When ready, toss all in a blender, and blend to your favourite consistency. Also great as an adult treat; think apple sauce, but with carrots. I tried this one, and the carrots were toned down by the apple and mango in this recipe. Give it a try!

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