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Art As Food…

A Missy Pie Post…

So my BabyCenter app gave me an activity idea that was actually pretty good the other day. (Some of their ideas are a little low for my super advanced baby…wink.wink) It said something to the effect of… “Highchair Art ~ Turn dinner into art class by putting a few dollops (good Lord, I love that word!)of pureed food on baby’s tray and let them ‘paint’… blah, blah,blah.” You get the idea. Snug was home sick and we needed some action. So we put on one of Snug’s favorite JT songs (really anything from the Futuresex/Lovesounds album) ~ Don’t judge, she likes the beat – and did some serious art.

The music is moving me to create beauty right here on this tray

Yes! I am the most creative genius to have ever lived. Bow to me! WAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh goodness. I have lost control. It happens when I create.

You have caught me at that dark moment where I doubt myself as an artist. You can only understand if you've been there.

I think I'm just going to destroy this piece and start over. Since it's lunch, I'm just going to eat it.

As have many artists throughout history, I succumb to the bottle to ease my troubled mind.

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2 thoughts on “Art As Food…

  1. You crack me up!! I used to set up an art station for my kids, Lots of finger paint drawings!!!

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