Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

Letters to Lady Cakes (& Missy Pie) – Part II

A Mr. Sir Post…

Dear ladies (my ladies, that is!),

This is not going to be a #documentationfail recovery attempt; rather, this post is to convey the gratitude that I have for you girls in my life in this journey called graduate school. I have been thinking about this lately, amidst all the crazy things going through my head and worries of the future, and I wanted this to go down in the record so I can remember when I thought this…

To Missy Pie; thank you for having my back. For listening to me bitch and complain about how hard and f@%ed up graduate school is (even though I enjoy what I do!), about how much I want to quit it. For not telling  me to “hang in there” or “suck it up”, but rather for supporting whatever decision I make with regards to this difficult road. For not believing any less in me because sometimes I want to stay in bed and give up; for not giving up on me. I love you, and thank you!

To Lady Cakes; for allowing both mama and papa to sleep. God knows that without that precious sleep, I could not maintain a family and social life, be edging ever much closer to a degree, and generally get a little time to myself as well. I would give up everything in a heartbeat to spend the day with you, but we do still have to work to make it better for you tomorrow. I know that you are not aware of any of the worries that mama and papa may have, but all I need to keep me going forward I see in the eyes of you and your mama. Thank you for being such a happy child, and for bringing joy into our lives. For filling that empty gap that I’ve always felt like forever. I love you, my sweet Boo-Boo, and keep smiling!

Mr. Sir and papa!

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One thought on “Letters to Lady Cakes (& Missy Pie) – Part II

  1. soniaelena62 on said:

    Oh Mr. Sir! I love you and that snuglet so much!

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