Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

In Your 8th Month…

A Missy Pie and Mr. Sir Post…

To our sweet little Snuglet,

In your 8th month, you were on the move, a master crawler, going everywhere and getting into everything! If there was something dangerous in the area you were there to check it out; electric cords, burning fireplaces, potted plants, christmas trees with nativity, etc.

Let me at em...

In your 8th month, we celebrated your first Christmas! You sat on Santa’s lap (you totally liked that guy!), went to your first mass on Christmas eve and made it through the whole thing with the help of Lil Mama, who whispered sweet lovelies in your ear and snuggled with you the whole time. We read Twas the Night Before Christmas, The Story of Christmas, and Llama Llama Holiday Drama. You loved listening to Christmas carols! Your favorites were Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” and the Beach Boys’ “Little St. Nick.” Your Nanny gave you a little stuffed reindeer that played Rudolf which we played and sang to every time we changed your diaper because you had become a super twisty lady who couldn’t be still for diaper changes unless we did a full scale Broadway show for you! Thank goodness for Rudolf (we packed him up with christmas stuff  for next year because mama refuses to have Christmas music playing after Epiphany.)

You were a gift opening queen, starting with papa’s birthday where you had your first go and then cruised through Christmas as a professional level wrapping paper destroyer!


In your 8th month, you decided that you’d rather stand than sit. You pulled up on everything and began maneuvering your way between furniture taking a couple of steps along the way. By the end of the month, you had let go a couple of times to try it out and promptly dropped back down to the floor immediately.

I'm still standing...

You tried lots of new foods like potatoes, spinach, green beans, and vegetable soup with chicken. You started eating finger food and practicing your pincer grasp which took you about three tries to get the hang of and then you used it for not only food but tiny specs of dirt and dust bunnies in the carpet (yummo!). You love eating peas, baby mum mums, and little pieces of banana!

Food is delicious. All of it.

You cut your first tooth! The week leading up to that momentous occasion was rough. You were cranky, restless and had virtually no appetite. You sucked on frozen washcloths and started doing funny things with your mouth and tongue. One morning in early January, your Papa and I saw a little bulge on your bottom right front gum and within a couple of days your sweet little tooth was peeking forth! Then you were all back to your happy, rested, hungry self! You had a basket full of felt vegetables to play with and you loved crawling around with a garlic bulb in your mouth. You loved real AND imaginary food!

I love my garlic bulb. Don't judge.

In your 8th month, you said “dadadadada” and “tatatatatata” and babababababa” and you repeated these sounds if we said them first. You also started spitting rasberries back at us (Thanks, Papa, for your initial teaching of the fine art of raspberry blowing at the wee age of 2 months…) Oh, and you made up your own peekaboo game with the burp cloth that I like to call “Where’s Elena? There she is!”

We started putting you in an exersaucer that Katie and Dave gave us and you thought it was awesome. You bounced like crazy, spun around and played with all the parts and we all loved the song that the iguana played; Red, Yellow and blueueueu… We will sing it for you as it is ingrained in our brain forever…Seriously, there may come a time when you are all grown and Papa and I are very old and don’t know who you are anymore but I promise we will remember that darn song and then you will take comfort because remembering that will show you that we remember you in the deepest corners of our minds, to the bottom of our hearts and we will carry you in our souls for eternity.

There are so many little and big miracles that Mama and Papa see you do everyday but for now we bid adieu to your 8th month and go excitedly into your 9th and can not wait to capture all your loveliness!

8 months

We love you so much!
Mama and Papa
January 15, 2012

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