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A Way to Remember and Speak to the Future…

A Missy Pie Post…

I have been contemplating how to properly preserve Snug’s “month days” and speak to her about all the little daily delights that her papa and I love and want to remember. I saw this lovely idea on Pinterest (BTW – obsessed with pinterest) and decided that I would take this idea and expand on it here. So it got me thinking about a title for the series… and then that got me thinking about birthdays… and that got me thinking of something my amazing grandmother, Mama Lina*, told me on her 90th birthday… (Stream of consciousness, anyone?)

I remember this conversation so vividly. Tia Clara and I called to wish her a happy 90th birthday (JSYK – during this conversation I could hardly hear her because she was at a big party that the whole family and her friends threw for her). When we wished her happy 90th birthday, she said (roughly translated from Spanish, “I’ve already celebrated 90 and it’s over. Today marks the beginning of my 91st year and today I celebrate what will come.” Damn. She just said stuff like that all the time that made you sit down and take stock of things you never paid much attention to before.

*Mama Lina is my father’s mother, who lived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic but who hailed from the Canary Islands, Spain. She died in 2006 at the age of 92. I am fortunate to have had such a remarkable woman in my life growing up. Lil Mama and Mama Lina are 2 of the strongest women I have known.  Tia Clara and I are strong, kick-ass women because of their example.

So back to the original point of the post. I’m going to do a group of posts for Snug marking all the lovelies that filled her months. Since I’m starting this at the completion of her 8th month, I’ll work backwards while making note of what she’s doing in her 9th month that officially begins today.

A huge weight has lifted from me since I started this blog. I feel that I am succeeding in remembering every minute of this beautiful life growing before me. It may be the only thing that I am succeeding in right now and that is fine with me. It is quite enough to properly set down these memories for future reminiscing with my sweet little lady.

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