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A Missy Pie Post…

It was one of those Snugalicious milestone days at la casa de Missy Pie and Mr. Sir yesterday. After months of slobberiness and gnawing on everything in sight, a tooth has finally ventured forth! We are delighted! Snug is pretty excited as well…

She has definitely been “feeling” her way around this new sensation in her mouth. Think about when your filling isn’t filed down enough… She’s been making new faces and doing funny breathing sounds trying out this new addition to her palate!

What is going on in my mouth, Mama?

I'm just doing some silly breathing stuff...

I think my face looks best like this.

Yeah, I'm totally keeping this look. It just feels right.

I'm the...wait for it... baby whistler....

Someday, Snug is going to read this blog and roll her eyes at me… In a really sweet, supportive but totally embarrassed that her mother is crazy way. I can not wait for that!

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