Missy Pie and Mr. Sir


A Missy Pie Post…

Tonight, during Snug’s bath time, she kept trying to twist herself around in her “lounger” to be on her belly. At one point, after I had fruitlessly used all my attention grabbing tricks and come to the end of my rope, I cried out, “Pumpkin, stop!!” Wow. Mr. Pumpkin Kitty, sitting on the counter turned to me when he heard his name. Snug kept right on twisting and I realized that I had “mixed up the kids’ names” for what I have no doubt won’t be the only time.

Now, obviously I have never given Pumpkin Kitty a bath, but it got me thinking about all, and I do mean all, the things that Mr. Pumpkin Kitty and our fast moving Snug do that reminds me of the other one. For a feline and a human, they are more alike than I would like to admit. Here are a few little things that I have recently noticed…

  1. When a ray of sunlight reflects off of a mirror throwing light onto the wall, a wicked little game of catch ensues. Neither comes away with the win…
  2. Snug is now giving open mouth, slobbery kisses that include some tongue action before you even realize what’s happening. Mr. Pumpkin Kitty has been slipping the tongue for years.
  3. They both have made multiple attempts to eat Mr. Sir’s banana tree in the kitchen.
  4. When I’m on the sofa, they both stretch out on my belly and snuggle in attempting to do  #2.
  5. If it sparkles, crinkles or lights up, it goes in Snug or Pumpkin Kitty’s mouth… constantly…
  6. If something came inside of it and it’s made of paper or cardboard, they will both have set up shop inside it in under a minute.
  7. Both hack on the carpet at least once a day…
  8. Mr. Sir has a bedside table full of his most prized essential items (aka crap… ). Pumpkin Kitty and Snug swat stuff off whenever they get the opportunity.
  9. Spotting and screaming at birds just out the window is an enthralling pastime for both.
  10. Snug plays with Pumpkin Kitty’s toys and vice versa.
  11. Don’t even think about setting a dish or a glass of water on the coffee table because both will have attempted to eat the crumbs or stick their head in the cup for a sip of whatever tasty beverage is inside…
I’m sure this list will continue to grow and that these guys will become very close, life-long companions…but for now Pumpkin keeps his distance and Snug, well she just doesn’t keep hers.

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