Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

The Lessons Learned

A Mr. Sir post…

A reblog from almost 2 years ago. Just thought it was appropriate given a new year with many expected changes. Moral of the story; stay positive, regardless of the negative forces that are out there to stop you!

The lessons learned today…

It’s been a hectic week, most of it through fault of my own, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Or rather, I’m planning on skipping straight to the end…

I miss my home, my people, my way of life. I hear the call of my Caribbean when I go to sleep at night, and wake yearning for the touch of the sun. I wake to my own sun, Mon soleil, my wife, my best friend… I think I have infected her with my love for the sun, sea, and sand, or maybe, she’s had that all along and didn’t know it.

I was so full of emotion last week, so angry, frustrated, afraid, lost, confused. For how long have these feelings lingered? How long have they festered there, serving no purpose but to take up valuable space? I have thought for a week, and for some reason, I can’t seem to gather my thoughts, or even convince myself that there is a solution for whatever ails me. Come to think of it, I’m always full of emotion. It started with positive, optimistic feelings. But as the days wear on, optimism is replaced by skepticism, negativity gobbles up what was once positivity. What happened?

I think I was a bit too quick to give up on myself. We all do at some point. If not, how do we grow? How do we learn to pick ourselves up? Isn’t that what it means to grow?

It is now Monday, exactly one week since that hectic week. Had a talk or two; all mingled with the very intuitive conversations that I have with my own, beautiful, personal sun… And at the end of the day, the lessons that I have learned…

  • I have forgotten how to be positive, and let the problems of everyday life get me down. I treat them as obstacles, when I should instead treat them as training exercises. Exercises on thinking positively. Negativity has clouded my mind over the next few years, and the silver lining seems tarnished. Wax that rust, and let the light shine through! I’ll hold my head high, and treat myself with the respect that I expect others to have for me…
  • The sole purpose of education is to educate things unknown, broaden horizons, and teaches to think outside the box. Inadvertently, it also effectively wipes out the imagination that we were born with. Don’t let anyone snuff out that light of imagination, the wonder of creativity. We are humanity, and we are who we are because of our ingenuity. No matter what others say or do, or what they might think, we are all geniuses within our own right.

Experience begets experience, and such is the nature of learning. The lessons learned today…

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