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Snug’s 2011 Music Review Wrap Up…of 2012…

A Snug Post…

2011 was a big year for me, it being my first and all! Music has really been a driving force in my education from the start thanks to my music obsessed parents. Especially because of my crazy ass mama who has used her own special brand of music to soothe, entertain, distract and generally make life pretty silly for me. Papa has joined in too. They are quite a pair, my mama and papa! No wonder I started smiling at week 2. So much silliness!!!

So this will be broken into genres associated with specific aspects of my life. One thing mama really likes to do is adaptations of popular and traditional songs and nursery rhymes according to what she is doing with me. Here’s an example. Since I was born she has been singing the Isley Brothers song “Who’s That Lady” and changing the lines depending on what I’m doing. Smiling lady, gassy lady, poopy lady, stretchy lady, happy lady, snuggly lady, etc… You get the picture.


We have a lovely bedtime ritual that began when my mama was a little girl. Lil Mama used to sing a medley of bedtime songs to mama and Tia Clara. She would tuck the girls in and sing her favorite songs in this order.

1. “Copa Cabana” by Barry Manilo
2. “The Girl from Ipanema” – music by Antonio Carlos Jobim
3. “Summertime” – written by George Gershwin for the musical opera Porgy and     Bess

My mama still loves these songs as a grownup. She even used to act out all the verses in “Copa” at night clubs when she was younger. (I’m too young to comprehend the details of this…)

So mama has continued this lovely tradition with me. Here are mama’s three favorite songs that she sings to me.

1. “We are in Love” by Harry Connick Jr.
2. “Dreamsome” by Shelby Lynn
3. “If I Had a Boat” by Lyle Lovett
(She also rotates out the 3 lil mama songs to keep the lineup fresh.)

Since I was just a few days old, mama and papa put on a Calming Ocean Sounds album for me to fall asleep to. I love that thing! Waves, sea gulls, orca whales… Hands down the best sleepy time sounds around.


See above but also…
When I start to cry, mama has revised “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” to the following lyrics…

Don’t you be sad on me, on me.
Don’t you be sad on me.
Don’t you be, Don’t you be,
Don’t you be, Don’t you be.
Don’t you be sad on me.

Works like a charm because it’s so silly that I get the giggles and forget that I was fussy in the first place! That mama is so smart!

Poop and Gas (Some Awarding Winning Stuff… the songs not the poop and gas…)

The Poop genre has been huge in our home because I had some serious gas issues the first month (lots of crying and gas bubbles and I could toot like a straight up sailor!) I’m a baby so obviously…..  Mama sang to me a lot trying to help me work it out, literally. I think they were mostly for her sanity. I’m a very intuitive baby…

Here are the best of 2011 poop song adaptations.

  • “Get Outta My Belly, Get into My Diaper” adapted from Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car”                                                   ***I said, Hey Hey poop poop, get into my diaper.***
  • “I Like to Poop It” adapted from Reel 2 Real’s “I Like to Move It”    ***I like to poop it, poop it. I like to poop it, poop it. I like to poop it!!!!***
  • “Poop Maker” adapted from Wreckx’n Effect’s  “Rump Shaker”  ***Yeah.. All I wanna do is put some poop poop poop in my diapers –     JUST SHAKE YA RUMP                                                                          Poop  baby poop baby one two three four                                               Poop baby poop baby one two three                                                         Poop baby poop baby one two                                                                   Poop baby poop baby one                                                                                (I think mama is proudest of this one!)
  • (Caution: Explicit Lyrics for this next one) “Everybody Get Your Poop On” adapted from Big Tymers’ “Everybody Get your Roll On” ***Everybody get your poop on. Everybody get your Mother$%&^$@ Poop on. What…

Bath Time

We do musical “Hot Tub Bathtub Time Machine” back to the 1950s during our bath time. I have had a full head of hair since I was born so mama has been washing it since the beginning! She always sings “I’m Going to Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair” from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific. We wrap up bath time with a classic mash up of  “Splish Splash” by Bobby Darin and Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire.” Excellent wash up music.

That just about wraps up our musical adaptations tribute. There is a lot of important music my parents make sure to play me which will be addressed in another post to come and then there are all the lovely songs, nursery rhymes and sweet things mama, papa, lil mama and Tia Clara sing and say to me everyday. Oh gosh, and then there’s Nanny, Pops, Geri and Amber, my weekday family…. I got lovey stuff all around me, folks, and it’s pretty awesome!

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