Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

Will 2012 rise from the flames or continue to go down into them?

A Missy Pie Post…

I have always been a pessimist. I always expect the worst and am pleasantly surprised when things go well. It has really worked well for me most of my life and more times than not I have been pleasantly surprised. For instance, I fell into a career in education which I adored and am really good at despite how disgusted I am with the current state of public education in the US (more of this delightful topic to come!).

Dressing as Fancy Nancy for National Reading Week

Then I met and fell into some serious love with Mr. Sir despite my general disgust with romance, men and relationships (see a theme of ongoing disgust?).

Missy Pie and Mr. Sir at sunset

But this year has been one of extreme pessimism despite, and maybe because of, the beautiful force of nature who we created and who arrived only to capture our souls. I spent a lot of my time this year mournful of the world she and her generation will inherit.  I suddenly realized how devastating it is to believe that life as we know it in America is slowly “going down in flames” (my favorite motto of 2011!!!). All the while, I am raising a lovely creature to potentially be caught right in the middle of the unraveling of what was once a great society. Readers, please don’t jump off a cliff yet!

Our sweet reality check

As an educator, it is evident daily that a massive overhaul must happen in American public education. Sure, there are pockets of awesomeness happening  but on the whole it’s bad. If you watch the news at all, you know that our economy is in the toilet with not much hope (don’t be fooled by the holidays, we’re Americans and are gold medalists at spending money we simply don’t have…) Let’s not even begin to discuss how worthless our federal government is right now (well, at least two branches). Take a look at your local infrastructure and get back to me on whether America is falling apart at the seams. In 2011, I have made the comment too many times to count that we all need to make sure our passports are in order and have a country in mind that  you will take refuge in when it all “goes down in flames…” When a society, on the whole, has crumbling basic foundations and fails to properly educate its majority in keeping with a fast-paced, changing world, then history has proven that it will no longer sustain itself. Needless to say, these facts have weighed heavily on a new mama wanting the best for her daughter. Snug really has been the only bright spot in our life this year. But that spot is about the size of the sun!

That little lady being a silly monkey!

One day in September, at the height of my hopelessness for our country’s future, I was listening to NPR (which occasionally helps you feel good about the dysfunctional world we live in) and they were interviewing New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman about a book he had written with author, Michael Mandelbaum. The title, That Used To Be Us – How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back grabbed my attention immediately and the interview peaked my interest immensely. Especially the part about how we can come back, which I highly doubted was possible. Let me call to mind once again my favorite motto…

Check out the INTERVIEW for yourself…

I purchased the book and read it cover to cover. I no longer felt isolated in my grieving. I had a beautifully researched, NON-PARTISAN, work that backed up all my concerns and laid out the big problems in America, how we got in the shape we are in, and some solutions to get us back on track. There’s one huge problem though. The  How We Can Come Backpart hinges on coming together collectively as a nation to solve our national dilemmas. However, one thing that is certain in America today is a deepening, vastly growing divide on most issues that we need to come together on – Namely; education, economics, immigration, government, industry and the environment…

Putting all that conflict aside, I have been sharing it with anyone who will read it. I hope you take time to check it out. And if you are crazy busy like myself and you just don’t have time to sit down and actually read it right now (I sure didn’t with a new baby in tow), then get the audio book through iTunes or Audible.com and load it on your MP3 player or Smart phone and listen to it while you drive or while you workout, or clean your house, or make dinner and do dishes, etc…

You may not be a life long pessimist like myself or maybe you live on the edge of end of days all day every day. Wherever you are on the positivity/negativity spectrum, please check this book out with an open mind and a desire to shape the future of our nation and our next generations. We have an opportunity for a collective voice in this democracy. If 2011 has done nothing but outrage and disgust enough of us with a vested interest in this nation (our littlest citizens who don’t yet have a voice) then let’s use 2012 to raise that collective voice and take action to regain the glory of this beautiful country. If it works, then I will be very pleasantly surprised and as I said before I have had good luck with that in the past. Hopefully, my eternal pessimism will be thwarted once again!

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