Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

Pumpkin Kitty loves Elena.

A Mr. Pumpkin Kitty Post…

As I lay here on what has become my favorite sleeping spot…

The day we received the changing pad, Pumpkin Kitty made it his own...

I reminisce about my deep love and affection for Mr. Sir and Missy Pie. These two are truly the loves of my life. They saved me from certain death when they adopted an old man like me from the shelter and then nursed me back to health when I nearly died from and respiratory infection. I love them so much and I show that affection in different ways depending on who I’m with.

I just like to snuggle with Mr. Sir.

Now as for Missy Pie. I like to do creepy things to her feet when she gets in bed. But most of all I like to catch her off guard like in the middle of the night or when she’s resting on the sofa and slip her the tongue. You see, I am quite the ladies man. I have been known in my day to lick some lovely faces and if the moment feels right slip some tongue. You heard me. Missy Pie was taken aback at first but then she decided to work with me to score some more female love and has become a wingman of sorts. Unsuspecting ladies come over and I, being a uniquely charismatic feline, do my “dog moves” and get in their faces with a sweet gesture like a rub across the cheek or little nose to nose action. They are always charmed. This is the moment that Missy Pie says the magic words… “Say ‘Kitty Kisses’ and see what he does!” That’s my cue to sweep them right off their feet with a little tongue action. They are always surprised, pleasantly for the most part I would say.

Anyway, the fact is I’m lovable and, frankly, a bit needy. But aren’t we all? I especially like to curl up at Missy Pie’s head and try to lick or sometimes chew on her hair. I don’t mind doing this to anyone who comes in and sits for a while on the sofa. I’m a silky hair man if you must know. That’s why I hit the jack pot when I joined this family.

Recently, another creature has entered our lives. I’m not sure where she came from but one day Mr. Sir and Missy Pie left for a few days and showed up with this tiny version of them with a lot of silky hair. She took a lot of my snug time away at first but she smelled like them and her hair was amazing so I let it go… When she arrived, suddenly everything was upside down. I normally have the run of things at night and for a while my nights were spent watching them run around like crazy doing stuff for this creature. I felt kinda sorry for them because I’m usually up all night but I nap all day and damned if they weren’t up during the day dealing with this thing too.

I did like that they were home so much. It gets lonely here all day. I also noticed that this creature slept a lot like myself. It really wasn’t very different from me in fact. It depended on Mr. Sir and Missy Pie to eat, to have it’s excrements changed out, and most of all to snuggle with and love on. And frankly, its hair looked delicious enough to eat. Now I’m an old man kitty but my instincts are sharp and I just felt that this little thing needed as much care as possible so whenever I could I would try to get some snuggle action going with it. Nothing dramatic. I didn’t get in the crib or anything…

Later, when it was a little bigger, it would sleep on an accessible pillow for hours on Missy Pie’s lap. That’s when I made my move. That hair was calling me and I felt that it needed some attention. I knew Missy Pie would have my back because she knows I only want to do lovey things. I slowly crept onto the pillow where the little curly headed creature slept and I gave a nudge and the rest as they say is history.

And yes, the answer to the question is yes. I do love Elena… or Snug… Lady Cakes… whatever nickname they use now… She’s just grown up a bit and is obsessed with me (aren’t they all?) and has some grabbing and hand control issues. I still sneak sleepy moments to love on her because she is mine just like her mama and papa are mine. I take care of all of them and all I ask in return is a little snuggling, a little tongue action every now and then and kitty treats first thing in the morning.

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