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A Meditation on Mary…

A Missy Pie post…

I have been thinking about this time last year. I was pregnant with my snug and we didn’t even know she was a girl yet. We had an ultrasound right before Christmas to find out the gender and because she is a tricky little lady, she decided to “cover up” so to speak. I had a feeling about her, a mother intuition if you will, that she would be a girl. Regardless, the test, though it didn’t show us “the goods”, showed that she was healthy and perfect. That first sight of her right before Christmas was such a lovely moment for me and Mr. Sir.

It was a very special time that allowed me a deeper understanding of the story of Christmas and especially a more integral connection to Mary.  The importance of Mary is such a lovely part of our Catholic faith and I have always felt a devotion to her. There are many, many issues I have with Catholic doctrine, but despite those earthly issues, the beauty of family and parenthood, especially motherhood, in the Story of Christmas is truly glorious. Yes, we are celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. But we are also celebrating that quiet and lovely lady who cherished, nurtured and was the first person on earth to love Him unconditionally. Mary would have loved her baby Jesus no matter who He would become because that love between a mama and her baby transcends all existence. God sent his son to us in her care and on this holy night I honor her as much as I do her beautiful baby.

As we approach this magical night, I want to reflect on the year that has changed my life in much the same way Mary’s life was changed thousands of years ago. All mothers before and after Mary share a common bond which we pay homage to on this blessed eve every year. Here are just a few of the lovely moments I have shared since last Christmas with my own sweet snuggly gift of love.

Merry Christmas and blessings to you and yours!

Snug in my belly!

Our first moments together

A smile for Mama

a snuggle and a kiss.

Sleepy Love

Mama and the Lady

A moment with our lady at the spot we were married.

Sharing a Christmas secret

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