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A Missy Pie Post…

Does anyone else feel this pressure? Every moment of life, both personally and professionally is supposed to be freaking documented. The fact is simply that I fail AND am secretly jealous of those who manage to AND I’m mad at myself because I can’t pull it together. But documenting in our society is extremely important so I need to DO THIS NOW. (Sometimes I have to scream in my head to pump myself up hence capital letters…)

Now if you were to look at Facebook (which many of you do and I so appreciate that you follow my madness there and now here…), I’m a Lady Cakes documentation queen. But the true story is that I spend so much of my limited time on that damn “social” network (even though it’s the “social” antichrist) that I haven’t written a thing down about everyday life with her or any major milestone or any of the sweet loveys that she does. Oh and she does so many!!! It’s on Facebook though. (Cue Snug’s future therapy sessions dealing with feeling of abandonment because her mom was more interested with her status updates about her than actually spending time with her…). Of course that’s not true but what in our childhoods is true? Existential question. Contemplate for a moment.

Ok. So for now Facebook is not really archivable so it’s hard to go back in time but I know that’s all about to change with Timeline! I think I’m the one person on earth excited about Facebook changing it’s appearance again. But maybe I can easily go back and find all the loveliness and when it all occurred. Do I have a baby book or a scrapbook, you ask? I do have both, neither of which I’ve done anything with. Here I am at a documenting crossroads.

I do have one saving grace… My iPhone. I have been taking thousands of photos and videos on that thing and in many of them I say her age and what she is doing. I think our blog will help me organize too. If not, the guilt will continue and build upon itself (cue the montage of months of my own expensive therapy)…It’s just that I’m so busy experiencing every second of her that I get caught up in real time and don’t take the time to write down all that deliciousness.

Here’s just a sample to help me get started…


She held her head up unsupported at one day old... Can you please be a baby for one minute?

First smile at sweet cousin Dulcie at 6 days old. She's been smiling ever since!

At 2 1/2 weeks old, our snug rolled over. We thought it was a fluke but we put her in the same spot over and over and she had a strategy down that worked every time. See her in action and be amazed!

Please don’t get mad at your baby when you read this but… Miss Lady Cakes started sleeping through the night at about 5 weeks old in her pack n play in our room. We knew it was too good to be true so when we moved her to her crib and nursery at 8 weeks and she kept on sleeping, we were totally in awe. To this day she sleeps from about 8:30 to when I wake her to nurse before I leave for work between 5:30 and 6am. Then back down to sleep til about 8am. I know…. I’ll give you a few second to curse me and her and maybe your own baby who is like 3 years old and still waking up in the night… I’m lucky. I will pay dearly for this lovely gesture she made to us so early in her life either with baby #2 or when she hits Kindergarten or puberty or graduates from college and moves home… Not complaining about it now though. Also patting myself and Mr. Sir on the back though it has NOTHING to do with us. She’s just easy like Sunday morning. Hopefully  she can train her future siblings to follow her lead… Though I suspect we are going to get a wild one next time! Awfully heavy shoes to fill…

By 7 weeks she was a master at holding her head up for extended periods of time!

By 2 1/2 months she was propping herself up and doing a lot of observing. A budding little scientist like her papa! In the picture below she’s got the keys and is checking if the coast is clear to steal the car for a little joy ride. That sneak.

At 3 months she discovered her thumb which has been a comfort ever since! She’s just like her mama, who sucked her thumb for far longer than I would care to mention. I never needed braces though and have lovely perfectly straight teeth! Winning.

We happened to capture the moment when she first discovered her thumb during her 3 month photo shoot!

So at 5 months, this lady decided to work on crawling and sitting up…

By 5 1/2 months, she had it mastered and we started shopping for all her gear for college.

Over Thanksgiving, she was really focused in standing and did a lot of downward dogs (for all you yogis out there). The day after we came back from our Family Thanksgiving/Anniversary beach extravaganza, up she went! Tio Tomas, Snug’s godfather, caught her in the act! Thanks Tomas! Best part of the video is when she collapses at the end. Whew! Standing is tough…

And finally at 6 1/2 months, after a week or so of what I lovingly refer to as the Paul Abdul – she takes two scoots forward and then she sits back – she was off!

Ok. I feel a little better now that I have documented her major milestones up to this point. We put off sending her to college in the fall because she just wasn’t mobile yet but now I think she will do fine for a Spring Semester start date… We’re awaiting acceptance letters and financial aid packages now. Keep you posted on where she’s headed.   ;~)

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