Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

Black & White…

A Mr. Sir post…

So, today was LadyCakes’s first visit to see Santa at the Mall… And it was worth the wait! But, MissyPie will tell you about that one!

My short story has more to do with a funny encounter during that wait…

While waiting in line to see Santa (this is more for us the parents, isn’t it?), my 7 month old got a little fussy. Not surprising, so Papa decides to take the little one for a walk while Mama tends the line, and we end up at the Container Store. As long as baby is calm (and she was), Papa is free to “window” shop and get some ideas for Mama’s stocking stuffers. After 20 minutes, I think it’s time to head back to see how MissyPie is faring in the line, and as I make my way to the exit I notice an associate making a bee-line for baby and me. Sensing naturally what was to come (I really had no idea), I ducked to the left behind the stocking stuffer display and attempted to meld with all the knickknacks on the racks. And I come face to face with the associate (damn, how’d she do that?).

“She is so adorable, your daughter!”, she exclaims. “I have two grand-daughters like your lil’ girl”. Oh boy…

“You see, my daughter is married to a…., uhhmmmm, to a…..”; just what is she trying to say???

“My daughter is married to uhhhmmm, an African-American,” she says nervously. “Is it right to say that?”

My reply? “Uhhhmmm, yeah?”. Can you say awkward?

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