Missy Pie and Mr. Sir

Merry Making!

A Missy Pie Post…

This is the first Christmas with our snug and every moment has been pure delight! We are just making ridiculous memories and seeing her participate in traditions that Mr. Sir and I have created over our years together is such a joy!

At the beginning of December, we went to our favorite Christmas tree farm to get our yearly Frasier Fir. It was a relatively warm day so we dressed accordingly and suddenly the wind whipped up and it got super chilly. I had to wrap Snug up in my scarf. She looked like a little candy cane!

So just in time to get into all the Christmas decorations, Snug started crawling at a mere 6 and a half months old. The day we got the tree was the day she fully mastered crawling and she was off! I’m very excited that she is on the move but, good gracious, she gets into anything that will surely kill her…

Here she is chewing on the Christmas lights. Whew! I’m exhausted.

Once the tree was up and lights were out of her mouth and actually on the tree, we went in search of our annual ornaments. Every year since we got married 4 years ago, we have been collecting a Santa (Mr. Sir) and snowman (me) ornament for our tree. This year we are adding a penguin for that Lady Cakes. So the plan is that she will always be a penguin and over the years we will fill our tree with santas, snowmen, penguins and whoever else comes along in our future (maybe a reindeer or a polar bear…)!

We also continued a tradition that was started by Lil Mama when Tia Clara and I were babies. The big “My First Christmas” ball ornament! We found the perfect one to go on our disco dance party tree!

Let’s not forget the new traditions.  We got Lady Cake’s her very own tinsel tree for her room. It is filled with my childhood ornaments, handmade ornaments by Lil Mama’s mama and new little delights I’ve pick up for her. The nativity is the one that used to live in my room and Jingle dog is a gift from Papa (Mr. Sir!). At night with the Christmas lights on, her little tree just sparkles and she just loves to look and tries to grab at all the loveliness!

Now that all the shopping and decorating is complete and I am out of school for 2 solid weeks (the one perk of teaching…), it’s time to just relax and enjoy spending time with my Mr. Sir and my Snug!

and my Mr. Pumpkin Kitty…

and I’m just hoping that these two don’t find a way to conspire against us all. If they put their wits together they can easily take over the world or maybe solve the debt crisis.  But for now they are content to just appear totally innocent… Lies. All lies.

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